The Chincoteague Legacy Group was founded in May, 2015 as a means of uniting lovers of Chincoteague Ponies to accomplish a shared goal – the donation of a Buy Back pony at the 2015 Wild Pony Auction. Knowing the cost of such ponies was high, the motto “many hands make light work” was adopted, and the power of social media brought astounding results.

In the course of two months, more than $26,000 was raised by donors across the world. All ages chipped in, from Grandparents donating in the name of their grandchildren to little boys and girls breaking the piggy bank to donate their hard-earned dollars. What began as a far-fetched dream became a miraculous reality.

The 2015 Pony Auction was a history-making one, with the Chincoteague Legacy Group setting a new record bid. For $25,000, the group was able to sponsor the wild life of a beautiful black and white filly, one of the last descendants of the recently departed “King of Assateague,” Surfer Dude.

Lovers of Chincoteague Ponies as they are, the Chincoteague Legacy Group was beyond thrilled to help preserve the memory and lineage of one of the island’s most famous stallions.

In addition to their Buy Back goal, the Chincoteague Legacy Group was proud to donate $2,267 to the  Chincoteague Pony Rescue, a wonderful organization helping neglected, abandoned, or abused Chincoteague Ponies.

The once hard-to-imagine dream has inspired many, and has even inspired thoughts of the year to come!

Consider joining the Chincoteague Legacy Group and helping us make history and more amazing memories in 2016.

“Let’s buy a wild pony!”

Was the plan of just a few

When word got out, we all jumped in

There was much to do.

A lot of lovely ladies,

A gentleman or two

All pitched in, we did our part

To make our dream come true

Our goal was very simple

Though non-believers might say “absurd”

We wanted to buy a “Surfer” foal

And return it to the herd.

The blue eyed little filly

Was our choice right from the start

Though she’ll never know, she

Found her way to every heart.

Donations poured in from far and wide

Large ones and small ones too

Children opened piggy banks

To make their dreams come true.

Pony Penning week finally came,

With so many of us there.

The little island of Chincoteague

Could not have been prepared.

Then auction day finally came,

And we would wait no more

Anxiously we waited

For them to bring her to the floor.

Three men it took to hold her

As she danced around the ring

One fireman nearly air born…

She was a wild thing!

A record bid, and history’s made

Our mission now is done.

We storm the field

We hug and kiss

And love our little one.

So now we bid farewell to you

And send you on your way

But we’ll be back to check on you

And we’ll pray for you each day.

By Lisa Manfredi Mutchler

36 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello CLG, I have been following and photographing the wild ponies for many years, they have always intrigued me. My husband and I are seasonal residence of CI. While out at the corral last week I noticed your group but now realize what a major undertaking you were trying to accomplish! I did not take the passing of “Surfer Dude” and several other of our Equine Friends. As I am on CI from May-Oct. I am most interested in joining and contributing to your “living legacy” and sharing photos. Please let me know how to begin. 🐴
    Very truly yours,
    Marian March


  2. Linda, please join the facebook group and post your question there. I’m sure there will be someone on the island at the time that would love to meet up with you!


  3. I am so honored to be part of this amazing group! I have already met some awesome people and look forward to making new memories and more history in 2016!!!


  4. I am so happy and excited to be a part of this group. I love the ponies and I am so happy that the group was able to buy Blue Moon. I will make sure when I am there that I get a chance to see her and let her know she is special and that I loved her dad so much. Thank you for letting me join.


  5. I am new to the island and let just say it has been one of the best experiences of my life! I am a true animal lover and advocate and will do all I can to help this group thrive. I will be a proud member and would love to display a sticker on my car or a shirt. You all do a wonderful job with the ponies and I want to say “thank you” looking forward to hearing from you #KeepTheFaith


  6. Sorry for being such a bad person and I really did not mean to be that way. Just wanted to wish you great luck this year and getting another pony. I have been very sick and still coughing but just wanted to apologize and wish you great luck.


  7. I would love to be reconsidered to join the group again. I have been through quite a bit and am sorry if I was not in good spirits. I am now and will live by the rules and do as told. Please give me another chance please. I am ready to donate for another goal.


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  9. Thank you, for letting me join this wonderful group of PFF’s & CLG ..I’ve been following the group, for the past 2 years! I love watching all the ponies being photographed along with their names & Fabulous comments !!
    My children-and I have been going to *pony swim week*, for the past 30 years-and yes, over those years, we have come home with 5 WONDERFUL ponies !! I can’t say enough about the breed…Ours were very caring, gentle, loving and wonderful !! They were great to take on trail rides, show, jump, dressage, or to Just have fun with!!
    Now, my grand children are a part of this wonderful, family, pony event !!!❤
    Thank you CI and those fabulous salt water cowboys, for making this such a fun, exciting time for all !! !


  10. I have been coming to chincoteague for 40 years, always pony penning week. My children have shared in my memories of coming all of their lives as well. Last year I lost my oldest son tragically. His birthday is July 26th, and of course every year we spent it here. I came this year in hopes of purchasing a buy back pony in his memory however I did not realize the cost. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to try and purchase one jointly. It would mean the world to me to keep his memory alive in the place he loved.


  11. Thank-You Debbie Schriver for giving me a chance to be a part of this great group! See all the pretty babies in the mornin! Can’t wait….


  12. when I was a little girl my dream was to own a horse when I grew up. I have always had a love for these beautiful animals. I have chosen Chincoteague Island as my vacation spot because of the ponies. this was my 2nd year for the pony roundup, I am very grateful I was talking with a woman how herself has donated. told me all about the by back Ponies. I will be making a donation this year. My dream is finally gonna come true. I will be part of a great community.


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  17. I am in need of advice. I made masks for sue Johnson during Covid. I have some material with the Chincoteague legacy group on it and making tote bags and wall hangings. Am I allowed to sell or do I need to donate some or all of the proceeds. Please advise


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